The New Site
We have been working on a new web site for a few months now and are pleased to report that it is now LIVE and can  be accessed by all our members, and the general public.
The site contains information about all our groups, with contact details for the group co-ordinators and officers plus a diary of future events for groups that have advanced schedules of variable topics and outings. These will be found on the group's own page and in an EVENTS page that can be viewed in either date or group order. 
Also included are pages giving access to the current and previous month's NEWSLETTERS, a LINKS page which is just a convenient way of finding any links provided in the site in general. A GALLERY page that contains photographs, not very many yet but that will increase as time passes. The BEING WARY page holds links to various other web sites containing advice on safety and security and some other public service related items. Some of the items included were mentioned in last year's Cyber security talk.
Other pages will provide access to more details about your U3A.
There are two ways to find the web site.
1) Search the web for ‘Blackwater U3A’ at the moment that will find BOTH, the old and the new sites, but the old site will be closed down soon. Select the new site which has the address shown in 2 below. 
2) Input the site address where you usually input web search details and press/click enter or whatever else you do to start the search. The address is 
The site is currently being run by a small team pending a web master being found; our aim is to keep the site up to date for the benefit of all the members and to keep it looking loved and fresh as it is also our public face which hopefully will encourage more people to join Blackwater U3A.
If you have any comments please contact a committee member or ask one of the co-ordinators for whichever group you feel is relevant to the matter you wish to raise; they all know which member of the site operation team to put you in touch with.
We hope you will find the site both interesting and useful.
Blackwater U3A
Web Site Team