Coordinator:  John Mundy - 01621 854065, Email

Meetings: Monday mornings at 9.15 to 12 noon

Venue: West Maldon Community Centre.

Cost: £2.50, including refreshments.

 The Table Tennis Group was formed sometime in 2009 with seven members.   The group has proved to be very popular and grown in numbers with all the local U3As represented.

Although we are happy to encourage members from beginners upwards, at present due to the number of tables available, with twenty two members on our list it means that the group is full. The No 2 Group was set up to accommodate additional players.

Coordinator:  Kath Little - 01621 891839 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meetings: Thursday afternoons 2-00 to 4-30 pm.

Venue: West Maldon Community Centre.

Cost: £2.50, including refreshments.

This Group was started in order to accommodate the waiting list from the Monday Group. New members welcome, (beginners or otherwise) as tuition can be arranged. Please sign the sheet in the Linton Room at the monthly meeting or contact the coordinator. Existing members are able to attend either Group.

We have some spare bats, so just wear suitable clothing and bring your emergency contact numbers to your first session.


Some recent photos:

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tt2_04 tt2_04
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