Coordinator: Peter Marven 01621 840586.

For our inaugural outing in June 2017, seven of us descended on The Lakes at Danbury. We went armed with tree books, note pads, and our cameras.  One of our party was familiar with the site and the trees. We stayed for two hours, which flew by and it didn’t seem long before we had to head for home. For the likes of me with a minuscule knowledge of trees it was a real eye opener. 

Our scribe for the day listed the following: Sweet Chestnut, Beech, Oak, Hornbeam, Dog Rose, Field Maple, Holly, Hawthorne, Aspen, Sycamore, Ash, Honeysuckle, Lime, Elderberry, Silver Birch, Common Laurel, Hazel, Apple, Red Oak, Scots Pine and a Yew that was over 500 years old.

Why not join us?  Ron Martin