Coordinator: Dawn Mundy - 01621 854065, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Weekenders’ activities are open to all members.  Most of our outings take place on a Saturday or Sunday but there are no fixed guidelines. We often enjoy a Sunday lunch together and we meet each month in a local coffee house to consider places to visit during the coming weeks.

Communication is usually through email, which makes the sharing of news and events quick and easy. We each can take a turn to arrange a lunch or visit. These events may be planned in advance or can be spontaneous as each Weekender shares his/her email address with other Weekenders. If one of us decides to visit a historic house or the cinema a quick email to the Weekenders could raise interest in the outing and a group would form to share the enjoyment, company and cost of travel as we use the ‘car share’ formula to arrange transport.

Please forward your email address and telephone number to Dawn if you would like to receive information about weekend lunches, outings and coffee & chat meetings or just call for a chat.