Members are reminded that the Blackwater U3A holds in electronic and in paper form various data about its members. These include:–  Name and Address, Telephone Number, optionally an Email address and a  Mobile phone number, plus the results of surveys about BU3A activities, attendance records at meetings, etc., details of payments received from and made to members, plus any necessary information relating to Gift-Aid, insurance, etc. 

Members’ contact data will be made available to the coordinators and organisers of visits, meetings etc. Before participating in an event or activity members and their guests may be required to provide additional emergency contact details such as the address, a phone number, etc of a partner, relative or friend - this information will be retained for use in future activities.

Limited data including members' names and addresses will be shared with the Third Age Trust to allow the distribution of ‘Third Age Matters’ and similar material.

Our data is held on a secure on-line system with access limited to nominated individuals with a ‘need to know’.  This should reduce the need for duplicate paper copies to be held by officers and coordinators.

In line with Data Protection principles, our data will be held no longer than necessary and a member’s own data may be viewed on request.

Members are expected to inform the Honorary Secretary of the Blackwater U3A if there are any changes in their contact details, their tax status for Gift-Aid purposes, etc.