The Blackwater’s membership fee is currently £20 payable by 1st May each year (Membership Renewal Form). New members pay a reduced amount pro-rata to the number of months remaining before 1st May.  Additional activities are paid for by those participating, on a non-profit making basis.

Membership of one U3A entitles members to attend other U3As, although each may have their own local restrictions due to size of meeting space, available resources, etc. (It is well worth contacting the other U3A before turning up at their door!).

The Blackwater U3A has an agreement with Maldon, Heybrdge and Limebrook U3As that our groups' members will be welcome at each others activities if there are sufficient places available. Preference will always be given to the organising U3A’s members.

In addition to basic contact information (each member’s name address, telephone number), we do ask members to provide an email address if they are regular email users.  We also ask for some additional information – typically their own mobile phone number, plus the contact details for one or more friends and/or relatives who should be informed should an emergency arise.

Membership cards are issued each year; these serve as proof of U3A membership, as a receipt for the current subscription, and as a name badge which all members should wear at our main meetings which are held at 2.00pm on the first Wednesday of the month at the West Maldon Community Centre.

We currently limit membership to around 240 persons to ensure that the meeting hall is not over-crowded.  By necessity we maintain a waiting list of persons wishing to join.

Members paying UK income tax are strongly encouraged to complete a Gift-Aid Mandate which provides the Blackwater U3A with a valuable source of extra income at no additional cost to the individual.

We do welcome guests at our monthly meetings or to see one of our groups in action.  A visitor’s fee of £2 will usually be charged.

To join the Blackwater U3A or to come as a guest, you need to contact our Membership Secretary, Telephone: 01621 841520.  Please note that due to the size of West Maldon Community Centre where we have our main meetings, we have had to limit the number of members we can accommodate.  At times we do have to maintain a waiting list of persons wishing to join us.

Membership Forms:

Having contacted the Blackwater, you may print an application form and post it with the required payment to our Membership Secretary. Cheques made out to Blackwater U3A

Please also complete a Gift-Aid form you are a UK taxpayer who has not previously completed an enduring mandate.  

Members wishing to renew their subscription should complete the Renewal form which will be found in the Newsletters published usually in March and April each year.